Oral history video project: preserving the past through employee voices

We were recently fortunate enough to film two very inspirational women as part of Northwest Kidney Centers' oral history video project. The project seeks to capture the history of the organization through the voices of key figures who helped make it what it is today. 

Both women were at the forefront of kidney dialysis innovation here in Seattle. It was a pleasure hearing their stories and learning about their life-saving work.

Together with Northwest Kidney Centers, we wrote a list of interview questions that would help jog memories and get the conversation flowing. From there, we conducted the interview, filmed it with our Canon XA10 and edited the footage into a brief, 4-minute video.


The completed video will be shared on the client’s website, in their electronic newsletter, and across their various social media channels. To date, we’ve produced 15 videos for the oral history project and are looking forward to filming more in the upcoming months.